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Lifestyle real estate Services

Lifestyle real estate services include everything you might expect from a standard real estate sales representative or major franchise broker, but Jim takes these the extra step to match your dreams and wishes to your future lifestyle vision.

As a professional mass media marketing person Jim understands not just the quantitative aspects of real estate but also the qualitative aspects of buying or selling properties. The best transactions don't just contribute to the family's net worth, but also provide a dynamic lifestyle and environment for whatever phase of life you are entering.

Whether it be your first move out of your parent's property, to starting a career or family or school changes for your kids or a second recreational property or retirement, each one represents a significant lifestyle change.

As an expert in website developments, Jim designed his own sites years ahead of the big real estate franchises and their brokers.  In fact, these sites are designed for pre-technology lifestyles where people trudge from home to work for their 8-10 hour jobs. They can find you a place to eat and sleep in an area matching your budget. But they can't help you find a unique new home in an area you didn't even know existed.  They can't help you ensure you relocate into a culture where you will fit in. They can't even let you use special criteria in your internet search.

To find everything you want at the best value, you need a realtor who is mature, well traveled, well connected and understands the many lifestyle transitions we make during our lives.

Many people just change locations when family or career changes demand, but they exist in the old lifestyle of living to work.

 Lifestyle Real Estate is all about upgrading the interests and excitement of our everyday lives. It is about expanding the growth potential for ourselves and our family.

Working from home has become a viable option for for the present generation of careers. More and more business meetings are done from home. The distance between where we live and where we do business is shrinking rapidly.from a 20 or 50 km commute to our home office, patio or deck.

The post war migration from the country into the city is starting to reverse itself. Now is the time to adopt lifestyle criteria for your next move!

  • What things do you participate in now?.What might you like to do outside your job?
  • What does the environment outside and inside your home look like now? How would you like them to look?
  • How happy are the people closest to you? What would make them happier people?
  • How much of your cash flow is taken by your household expenses? How much can you afford for other things you like to do or want to own?
  • Are you dependent upon others? How can you become more independent?
  • How much leisure time do you have? How can you create more leisure time?
  • In this technological era of Facetime and Skype, how close do you have to live near relatives? How far away can you live?
  • Where have you thought about living someday? Why can't you live there now?
  • How much of your life is spent in the city each year? How much is spent enjoying our natural environment?
  • What hobbies or interests do you hope for someday? How must your lifestyle change to fulfill these desires?
  • How much do other people command your life? How long will you postpone your freedom and independence?
  • How much road rage, social violence, media monotony, signage and regulations fence you in? When will you escape all this?
  • When will you change from your parent's structured lifestyle to a lifestyle designed for you and your family?

Perhaps a Lifestyle Real Estate Consultant could help you answer these questions? Contact Jim Reid!