Most of Jim's real estate clients have .come to recognize that Jim has done the studying and research they need to help them come to the best real estate decisions possible.


They also tend to be very busy people and know that they can leave things in Jim's capable hands.


Others like Jim's sociable demeanor and his ability to work with all their family members.


His clients recognize that Jim is much more than an accomplished sales person as he incorporates a full range of marketing functions into his custom programmes for each client's property sale or property search.

Added Financial  Value:

By comparison to other realtors, Jim unquestionably brings much more to the negotiating table than his competitors. This always adds up to exceptional financial value for his clients.

  • Real Estate Broker: Jim Reid Realty, Brokerage- Real Estate Consultant.- Advise clients in Residential, Commercial and Recreational Real Estate.
  • Real Estate Broker: Royal LePage- Your Community Realty- Real Estate Broker, Sales Trainer- Assist clients in full scope of real estate investments, trained 100's of new sales representatives.
  • Lecturer- McMaster University, University of Toronto, Seneca College, Lausanne Institute- teach Business Administration, Financial Analysis, Management Accounting, Marketing I & II, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Train-the-Trainer, Diamond Sales and Diamond Knowledge courses.
  • Director of Marketing: Consumer's Distributing- Directed 16 staff, achieved record sales and profitability via creative marketing programmes.
  • Diamond Promotion Service Manager (Canada): DeBeers Consolidated Mines- Designed marketing programmes for Diamond Dealers, Jewellery Manufacturers and Jewellery Retailers, achieved highest global market growth rates.
  • Diamond Merchandising Manager: Peoples Jewellers- purchased and merchandised diamond rings for 300 stores- designed many hugely successful ring styles, achieved 50% growth in market share and 20% growth in profit margins.
  • Strategic Planning Consultant: Woods Gordon, Kearney Consultants, RPMS- Reid Project Management Service- diversified consulting services in over 20 industries for dozens of clients- developed key strategic re-positionings, restructurings, technology innovations and managed several turnarounds and start-ups.
  • Managing Partner: Supersport Equipment Ltd.- established Kawasaki, Ducati, Laverda motorcycle dealership in Toronto- liquidated dealership after 2 years due to partnership dissolution.
  • Senior Analyst: Ford of Canada- recommended development of mini-van 5 years ahead of Chrysler's launch, developed Ford's first on-line computer information system.

During the past 50 year era of technological changes, Jim has been blessed by extraordinary business experiences in 100's of businesses from small artisans to global monopolies His strategic insights and perspectives as a professional economist, marketer and family net worth management consultant have greatly benefited his employers, students and clients.


Business Experience

Jim's team comprises dozens of experts in fields related to real estate. Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Renovators, Home Stagers,Interior Designers, Insurance Agents, Investors, etc. can be assembled quickly to meet all the needs of his clients..

Why Choose Jim Reid