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Jim's family values and broad based business acumen enables him to do all the "heavy lifting"  in regards to the hundreds of decisions involved in buying property for your family. He not only helps develop your strategic plan, but takes care of finding the best local realtors and services wherever you prefer to live. He can also work for you on commercial deals.

Many clients use Jim's expertise in planning renovations.

As a "fee for service" consultant, commissions are not adding bias to his pragmatic advice. Jim's loyalty is to his clients. Many clients use Jim for their family real estate lifetime plans.

Jim Reid, B.A., M.B.A., Broker

Jim's Lifestyle real estate skill set and business experience is truly unique. As a professional strategic planning and turnaround consultant he honed his skills in financial planning, technology and marketing, He has been a successful marketing executive and business owner as well as a lecturer at universities and college. His last 20 years have been concentrated in residential and commercial real estate. As an economist, Jim also understands the macro & micro factors affecting property values.

Every business deal requires a team of professionals and experts to make everything happen. .Lifestyle Real Estate acquisitions and divestments should be no different, but people often can't find the full range of expertise they need. Jim's 20+ years as a truly professional realtor assures you receive the breadth and depth of knowledge, understanding and skill to cover any downsides and optimize your return. If you make a deal, Jim's fees are usually reimbursed.

Geo-Market Consultant

​Lifestyle is very important to you. Real Estate Consulting Services should be a top priority. Unique Lifestyle Homes aren't likely in traditional suburbs or in condo towers in the city, but they can be tucked away in places you might never know about.

Most realtors only know the mass market listings near where they live and their skills will be stretched to provide all the expertise you need to protect your capital.

Jim's extensive travels throughout Canada and overseas bring cultural lifestyle  real estate values to the forefront for his clients. Finding the ideal location could be as practical as the best ski chalet near Toronto or Vancouver or the perfect beach house in Barbados, Discover Lakeside homes within reasonable commutes into Toronto. Jim has a large network of experts in all relevant fields of real estate investments and he also deploys standard local realtor expertise in buying or selling properties.

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